Antique Dachshund Automaton by Roullet Decamps


A superb and rare antique Dachshund automaton, by Roullet & Decamps,




circa 1900


Our cocktail sausage awaits his stick...


When wound and start/stop lever actuated, the Dachshund suddenly springs into action by turning head left and right and running forward in a straight line before repeating head movement again and again, with all four legs realistically choreographed to produce movement whilst only two paws are in contact with the floor at one time, with hazel brown glass eyes and tan brown leather dog collar with polished steel rivets, name tag lozenge unsigned, to the naturalistic cream short haired finish papier-mâché body with shoulder muscle and rib detail, black nose, Roullet & Decamps patterned spur wheels to paws for forward friction-drive action, with period key to winding spindle to side, start/stop lever to rear underbelly.



13in. from nose to tail, 8in. from paw to top of head, (33 x 20.4cm)


Point of interest -


R & D produced a series of animals, both wild and domestic during their prolific workshop period of 1895-1905.  All were produced with the movements within the body with no base and therefore either set there and moved, walked or for the few with extra long springs inside to create the action, ones which leapt and walked, such as their famous pouncing lion.

The walkers are certainly the most prized as they have to be excellently balanced to walk at all.  Offered here in totally untouched and wonderful original condition, this well-loved dog who must have walked many miles in his lifetime, is looking for a new home. 

The catalogue of animals including the six breeds of dog they made can be found in Automata - The Golden Age, C. Bailley pp. 278-287. 

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