Antique silver-gilt skeleton-escapement timepiece snuffbox

A fine antique silver-gilt skeleton-escapement timepiece snuffbox,
German, made by L. Krauth,
Presented to Revd. Mr. F. H. Faguy by Mme. L. B. P. Larue on 4th December 1901,
A clear view into the beauty of horological genius,
The timepiece with platform lever escapement, large jewelled regulation centre arm, raised platform escapement pivot arms each with light jewels and finely engraved with Rococo taste scroll-work, movement top plate fully chased with excellent shading detail for mesmerising three-dimensional form, cut out for female Geneva stop-work, white enamel dial with petit chapter ring, extremely fine black Roman numerals and blued hands to match all blued movement plate screws, all visible behind spectacle-form glazed window, all fully reflected in the highly polished lid interior inside the sprung lid.
The outstanding case in silver-gilt, fully engine-turned and chased, with the lid top having double thistle buds within a trailing swag to centre, framed with lozenge scrolls and spade heads, on course and fine wave-line alternating ground, repeating theme to front and all sides, the underside a complete twin of the lid, front with push-button for lid mechanism, thumb void for movement lid lift revealing maker's inscription including name, 10 stones legend and wind/time set spindles, plain polished under croft to receive movement, the underside hinged and when lifted reveals another highly polished interior for the key and inscription in lid reading Revd. Mr. F. H. Faguy, En Souvenir de Mme. L. B. P. Larue, 4 Décembre 1901.
Original key with tapering hexagonal grip also chased and watch chain loop.
size - 2.3/4in. wide, 1.1/2in. deep, .13/16th in. high - (7 x 3.8 x 2cm)
Point of Interest 
This extraordinary piece offers the treasure of timekeeping whilst exhibiting the special virtues of a fine snuffbox.  
The snuffbox may take many forms, not just in shape and size, but with features which are in most cases as exciting and impressive as the quality of the whole object.  And this piece is no exception.
The maker of this movement wanted to reveal the magic of timekeeping.  The escapement is shown with the polished steel counterweight all the way through to the main train before the route of control disappears behind the exquisite white enamel dial. 
Unlike the hunter pocket watch, this escapement wheel arrangement whereby the platform is mounted to the side of the dial means that every glance to learn the time of day is accompanied by the source of that telling. 
Telling of the desire to tell more than just the time - to explain by means of a clear view, how such a feat is made possible.
STOCK No1702
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