A very fine Sterling silver gilt, enamel and pictorial enamel singing bird box, by Karl Griesbaum


A very fine Sterling silver gilt, enamel and pictorial enamel singing bird box, by Karl Griesbaum


Circa 1925


Model number 7


Catch the birds...


When wound, the bird suddenly appears through pierced and chased soft gilt grille, moving metal beak, wings and body from side-to-side to continuous synchronised birdsong.

The bird with prominent dark blue and black feathered plumage, subtle iridescent highlights in green and orange, matt finished lid interior and zig-zag petit-point tooled border, the lid including bird lid with superb full frame painted enamel study of exceptional detail with central slight-domed bird lid showing clap-net set to bankside path between oak trees, stone dwellings to both sides of the mature green meadow banks and a town in the distance before twin mountain peaks, the migratory birds seen in the sky above seated clap-net line operator with his lady in 18th century country dress beneath tree and hedgerow to right, two ladies admiring tree to left in flowing red dresses, single white enamel frame between tooled frieze border, the front with oval painted enamel study of an island chateau with further bankside manor surrounded by trees and mountains, matching rear panel with a study of the same location from the other side of the river, left and right sides with deep cobolt blue enamel roundels with sexpupletfoil centres flanked by same tone shaped arches with quatrefoil spandrels, repeated as compliments to front and rear panels and the triple fluted enamel infilled corners in white, black and turquoise, finished by very rare and most probable bee-in-flight friezes to all sides, tooled frame underside, hidden key compartment to rear.


3.13/16in. wide, 2.5/8in. deep, 1.3/4in. high - (9.7 x 6.6 x 4.4cm)


Point of interest -   


Not one model 7 we have ever handled has been the same.  The model 7 case never really differs, but the tooling and all enamel work is unique on each specimen seen.  Have a good look at the stunning detail of the flying bees, seen repeated across full frieze to all sides - a commission idea no doubt.



STOCK No1414
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