Vintage silver, silver-gilt, enamel and ebonised framed singing bird box, Most certainly by Flajoulot

A very eye-catching vintage silver, silver-gilt, enamel and ebonised framed singing bird box,
Most certainly by Flajoulot,
circa 1930
Our rhapsody of blue...
When wound and the carved cream composition start/stop button actuated, the bird lid opens and the bird immediately appears, flapping both wings, opening and closing his beak, bobbing his tail and turning his body from side to side, perfectly synchronised to the continuous birdsong.
The bird with dark brown feathered plumage, superbly finished with the banded marmalade orange and electric green iridescent accents, polished metal beak, rises through the pierced and tooled gilt grille. It has a matt finished silver-gilt lid interior, the bird lid top with finely carved composition panel with a study of two love birds upon a tree branch, there is an alternating ribbon and flower head tooled gilt border.
The case of slightly larger proportions than usual, with the main lid having a raised panel of the most sumptuous engine turned cobalt blue enamel with a radial complexion. The silver gilt frame, finished with rose head rosettes with petals individually honed from silver and gilt, to each corner and set upon the jet black ebonised insert. 
Front, back and sides all with the repeated cobalt enamel raised panels each with linier engine turning. The front and back panels each with large single rose appliqué centres, framed with the ebonised insert and finished with the large daisy head corners.  The top and bottom edge frames of silver with moulded form and stylised egg and dart frieze,  the underside with the entire field of tooled ground, all raised on tapering scrolled supports.
size -  4.3/8in. wide, 3in. deep, 2.3/4in. high - (11 x 7.5 x 7cm)
Point of Interest -
The designs employed by both Marguerat and Flajoulot may seem very similar, apart from the fully enclosed governor, which on this movement has the patent Flajoulot skeletal system, rather than the twin sprung pads revolving within the drum. 
What a wonderful and pleasing design.  The rich blue of the most deep hue, set against the even darker jet black and heightened by the bright golden silver-gilt rose heads.
Each of these roses comprises many minute shaped petals, cleverly curled and formed around the central screw thread to hold the panel in position.  Close up analysis shows these to be as fine as when viewed from a distance.   Much like Marguerat, none of Flajoulot's singing bird boxes bearing their world famous exceptional enamel, has failed to impress. 


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