Small single singing bird-in-cage, by Bontems


A small single singing bird-in-cage, by Bontems,
Mid 20th century, model number 132,
Serial number 5761531,
This little bird told me...
When wound and start/stop lever to side actuated, the perched bird moves beak, head and tailfeather to continuous melodic synchronised birdsong.
The bird with white and brown speckled panelled feathers, turquoise wings and red tailfeather with iridescent green neck, on brass T perch decorated with small ivy leaves and brown velvet base, under circular domed cage with hoop and boss top, intermediate band, the pressed metal base with twin floral helical decoration and flared base edge, captive key-wind to underside.
12.1/2in. high - (31.7cm)
Point of interest -
A very clean and richly gilt metal cage which is the result of a very gentle clean and keeping out of harm's way.  The biggest enemy of singing bird cages is dust and this looks to be one of the finest examples where the two have been kept firmly apart since day one.
STOCK No1371
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