Automaton Picture clock in square frame with oval aperture and windmill

This superb work of art combines the beauty of a painting with the mechanical complexities of an automaton and clock. Depicting a rural scene, the clock is integrated into the church, sitting within the giltwood and gesso frame. Also within the painting is an automaton windmill, again integrated into the picture atop the windmill.  The automaton runs off the clock, so requires no seperate winding, The clock is a fine 8 day, fusee movement with gut string, with verge escapement. The superbly painted country scene with vibrant colours. The fantastical moving pictures combine the best of clockwork, automaton and painting, all in one. 

Circa 1880


Size:   28 Inches wide (71cm) by 22 Inches High (55cm) by 3 Inches Deep (7.5cm)

STOCK No1657
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