Silver and full-enamel body singing bird box, Stamped and Retailed from 'Le Palais Royal'

A very fine silver and full-enamel body singing bird box


Circa 1925


Going-barrel movement


Most probably by F. Cattelin


Retailed from the famous Palais Royal, France


We are delighted to offer this beautiful blue enamel singing bird box, the quality of the enamel is outstanding and is offered in perfect condition, this is the first time we have seen a box with 'Palais Royal' stamp. 


When wound and start/stop slide moved to the right, the bird emerges through pressed and pierced gilt grille, then proceeds to move bone beak, wings, tailfeather and body from side-to-side to continuous sychronised birdsong.

The bird with outstanding feathered plumage of light brown, interspersed with even flashes of green,  iridescence


Point of interest -


F. Cattelin was one of several Swiss makers during the early 20th century. Never signing his work, we have to go on movement design and serial number make-up, but he was renowned for fine casework, usually in silver and enamel.

Take a good look at the engine turning under the enamel. So well is it executed, a simple revolve of the box between the hands under light creates a stunning shimmer effect due to the sharpness of the tools used to create all that work before the enamel was laid down. Not one chip or area of damage is noted.


STOCK No1687
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